Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy Birthday, once again, Herr Mozart!

Ahhhh! Today is Mozart's birthday. And this would make him? What? Born in 1756, only 258 years old! And, still young.....his music enduring for eternity.

And, so, this being one of my favorite holidays, I must devote my blog to Wolfgang. This morning, I indulged in some nice strong coffee and sachet torte for breakfast, listening to some of his music, of course. Some symphonies today, including one of my favorites, the Symphony No. 39 in e flat major, k 543. One of his last, it is a mature work, filled with all types of emotion...longing, happiness, quiet reflection, and the last movement, the Finale, allegro. It is absolutely triumphant. Wolfgang at his best, I think. I say, "danke Schon, herr Mozart!"
I link it here for you to hear. You will not be disappointed!

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