About Me

This is who I am
My name is Marina, and I have come to appreciate that some things are better left as they once were. Our technological age certainly has its benefits, like the development of this blog, and the ability of keeping in touch with like-minded folk. Twitter has its value, but a social media site like Facebook just diminishes any interest or mystery in an individual as they tell the planet their every move, an indiscriminate and insipid practice.

Nothing can take the place of a actual conversation whether it be by phone for an hour-long chat, or across a table sharing a good meal and glass of one's favorite wine or spirits. Nothing comes close to the purchase of a good book, holding it in hand, feeling it's weight, and anticipating its contents, marking actual pages. The smell of a beautifully-bound, tooled-leather volume is ambrosia.

The art of letter writing is fast becoming a thing of the past, in favor of poorly-spelled, email posts, no beautiful stationary to choose from, or pen to write with, or stamp to purchase that enhances the gift.

I enjoy the old world graces, of thank you notes, extended vocabulary, personal gifts chosen for someone v. the generic gift card (go choose your own gift!)

I like to sit down to a place setting at meal time, with gleaming silverware, a bone china dish, and cut-crystal glass, even if I'm alone at home at the end of a busy work day. I love tradition, and looking forward to decorating my home for the season, and anticipating the holidays with family and friends.  I refuse to look at the Christmas displays at the stores until after Thanksgiving. The Autumn is so rich with golden color, crisp weather; why should it be missed?

I savor beautiful music that transports one to another wonderful place, particularly Classical and Baroque periods. Mozart and Vivaldi, Bach and Corelli are favorites. The sound of a Baroque  piece starts me imagining the great salons of old Europe, with ladies whispering behind fans, and gentlemen with black satin pony-tail bows. Listening to a Mozart piano concerto fills my soul. I celebrate his birthday each year (January 27th).

I am an Orthodox Christian, and I love all that Orthodoxy brings to my spiritual life. I love the smell of the incense, the Byzantine chant, the light and smell of the beeswax candles, the bejeweled vestments of the priest, the fact that the worship has not changed since Early Christian times. We celebrate the Eucharist just as the apostles did. Orthodoxy has not changed to suit the times. I love the fellowship of my fellow Christians.  I am reassured that the Lord loves me, and I belong to Him.

I play guitar; blues, jazz classical; but increasingly I find myself picking up my acoustic to play some classical rather than my electric. Eric Clapton is my muse. I started playing guitar because I love his music, and the fact that he keeps growing with his gift. He no longer cares about the Top 40; he plays the stuff that makes him happy.

I have a daughter who has been my joy since the day she was born. She is intelligent and artistic, and has a wisdom beyond her years. We share many common interests. I value her input. As much as I enjoyed showing her the world as she grew up, I now marvel at the things she shows me. I am ever so proud of her!

I write poetry for myself and my friends.
I like good single-malt scotch, and discovering a new taste from somewhere deep in the Highlands.

I love England, and everything about it. I love Harry Potter!

This is who I am, and I hope to share with you the world of things that give me joy!