Monday, January 26, 2015

The Kaffehausers! Mozart's local Starbuck's!

Spent the weekend preparing some things in honor of Herr Mozart's birthday (January 27th). Made some Sacher tortes, or "tortlettes" (individual ones), as well as sewing up a special blouse to wear for the day. It's a simple top, really, but the fabric is the thing! Musical notes on an ongoing pattern of scales. I tea-dyed the fabric to give it that look of old parchment.

But, back to the delicious part! The Austrians had a weakness for coffee, and during the 1700's, the famed kaffehausers, or coffee houses, sprang up throughout Vienna. The Starbuck's of their day, but with the added social atmosphere that attracted the "glitterati", or the elite of the city. Many of these cafes still survive, now serving coffee and pastries to tourists and locals. Some of these places are quite luxurious, and though folks aren't decked out in powdered wigs and satin, the décor and the service is formal and particularly lovely. Waiters in black pants and vests with crisp white full length aprons, calling people "sir" and "madame". Wonderful!

One famous coffee house is the Café Sacher (part of the Sacher Hotel), home of the Sachertorte! Vienna's signature cake, with dark, dense chocolate cake, thin layer of apricot jam, and the incredible chocolate/coffee icing that is got a smooth finish to die for! have it with some strong coffee mit schlagg (whipped cream)! Yumm!

Another lovely place is the Café Landtmann, where politicians hung out! Still do! Same bit....the wonderful desserts, and this time, try the "mélange", the Viennese version of café latte.

Finally the oldest café, Café Diglas, with its red velvet booths and marble tables. They promote their exquisite strudel!

Makes you want to book a flight right now, doesn't it?!

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