Tuesday, January 27, 2015

HB, Wolfgang!

I remember when it all started! The love affair with Wolfgang, or more accurately, the love affair with his music.

It was actually quite a long time ago. I, of course, was always familiar with his most popular works, heard on the radio or in commercials on the television, etc. i.e. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.

I was on a day trip with my husband, out to the high desert in California. He was to take a look at some land with some colleagues. He was a builder, and it was a Summer day, and hot. I was none-to-pleased to be using my Saturday in this way, but went along to be friendly. I chose to sit in the air-conditioned car, while the guys trudged around the dusty land. I turned on the radio, and was dialing around, when I landed on some beautiful music, and chose to listen. I was transfixed! It was the Sinfonia Concertante K364. I also was transported! The music was complex, sublime, soothing yet challenging. I loved it.

And so, I continued to explore Mozart's music, first the symphonies, then the concertos, getting into his operas and choral works. The list of his musical genres goes on and on - over 600 pieces of work to investigate! And then there are his letters which support his composition, his joys, trials, travels, relationships. Some are quite humorous, some filled with frustration, longing, all the humanity we can relate to. I celebrate in one way or another each year, sometimes with a purchase of another cd, sometimes with a book, or DVD on his life. Sometimes it calls for German food! But January 27th has become over the years a day to celebrate!

Happy birthday, my friend! Only 259 years old! Congrats!

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