Monday, November 3, 2014

The King of Flour

With the holidays coming up sooner than we think, a lot of us will be heading to the pantry for our baking supplies....for those traditional cookies and cakes. We all have our favorites that we like to enjoy in our own homes, as well as distribute to family and friends. BUT, the most important aspect of this baking is the ingredients we use!!
That being said, I turn to flour. By and large, one is only as good as one's ingredients, and it's important to use the very best. The king of flours is, of course, King Arthur Flour, a brand established in 1790!

King Arthur Flour is the oldest flour company in the US, founded in Boston in 1790, providing high-quality flour for the colonists. Henry Wood started importing European flour, primarily English milled flour, to the Long Wharf in Boston, his goal to supply the best for bakers in America. He called the company by his name, later gaining stock holders and revising the name to Sands, Taylor & Wood Company, which included another Wood (George Wood - no relation to Henry). More than 100 years later, the company name was changed to King Arthur, introducing the product at the Boston Food Fair.

In 1896 George Wood attended the theatre to see a musical, entitled King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table! This was his inspiration for the name change! Perhaps he liked the idea of the knights sitting around a common table supping bread and wine! Who knows, but nevertheless, we are the better for it.

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