Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The "Beautiful"

Once in a while, I like to listen to Country music, take a break from classical, drive along with the cowboys, their rough and tumble life of babes and bars and cars. But it only lasts awhile, and then I want my fix of the enduring, "the Beautiful" as I like to imagine it.

And so it was today. Driving along with country in the car, I said, enough, the songs start to sound all the same, as so I tuned in to my local classical public music station, and ahhhh!!! There it was, "the Beautiful" in all its splendor. I knew the tune immediately, Eine kleine Nachtmusik, the Mozart Serenade No. 13 for strings, a chamber ensemble in G major, K525. Composed in 1787, it is one of the most familiar and probably overplayed of Wolfgang's music, but it is special none-the-less.

Mozart was writing Don Giovanni at the time, and took a little break to write a trifle, as it were, something light-hearted, and so we are gifted with Nachtmusik. Though the accurate translation is "a little serenade", we all know it as "a little night music". And that's ok too! As long as it is enjoyed, perhaps along with a cocktail on a Summer's balmy evening!

Give it a listen sometime! Here's a nice version with pretty Salzburg in the background:

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