Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Before the 18th Century, Valentine's day was celebrated with gifts of small nosegays, gloves or handkerchiefs. By the 1700's hand-written notes or cards were en vogue. But not the kind with red hearts and flowers displayed. More of discreet, quiet sentiment.
Valentine crafters used not only ink and paper, but adorned their creations with sketches, watercolors, pinpricks and cutouts to make them more interesting and personal. Sometimes natural elements such as bark, feathers and dried flowers were used along with scraps of cloth, yarn, ribbon and even locks of hair.
Though the stores are ever-filled with cards for this day, I still prefer to make my own. Every year I try for a new theme. This year's was inspired by a Sherlock Holmes quote:

"The little things are infinitely the most important."   

To me, a small but sincere expression of love is worth more than a huge box of waxy chocolate! Ha Ha

Have a love-ly day!

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