Monday, August 26, 2013

Highland Fling

Well, in two days I shall be off to Scotland. First visiting Edinburgh, then up to Inverness in the Highlands. I am so looking forward to visiting the castles, museums, the shopping and the general colorful environment. But my romantic heart wants to see something like what is shown in the landscape below. Painted by Wiliam Turner in 1805, it is called 'Mountainous Landscape: A Scottish River".

Turner was English, lived from 1775 - 1851, and had the opportunity to travel a great deal, giving him time to research and record the British countryside and seascapes. His landscapes are truly original and identifiable. They seem to have an inner light, even if they are in painted in sombre colors. He captures the windswept, mournful panorama of the Scottish highlands in this work to perfection.

His father died in 1829, and had a profound effect on his life and his work. He suffered bouts of depression. Some of that is captured in his work. It has great depth and emotion. He never married, but had a mistress for awhile in his later life. He died at her house, and was buried in St. Paul's Cathedral in London, where he lies next to Sir Joshua Reyholds, another famous British artist. Turner's last words were, "The sun is God". Above is a self-portrait, which I think is quite outstanding, and rather contemporary for the times, but he is remembered for his beautiful outdoor scenes. I hope I will see, very soon, this painting come to life!

I take leave for a couple weeks, and hope to bring back new stories! Adieu!




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