Monday, November 26, 2012

Why Not be silly?

Today I am back at work after a lovely Thanksgiving holiday, with family, with friends, and on my own, starting to get ready for December. But, it is still November, as Thanksgiving came early this year. I don't see the crucial need to decorate the house yet, but I did take down the festive Fall golden decor. The house is now plain, in anticipation of Christmas.

Thanksgiving dinner with friends was delightful, with tasty food and good conversation. As the evening progressed, we watched football, then Nadia G's Bitchin Kitchen, and then spent a bit of time looking at funny on-line videos from Saturday Night Live. I must admit, some were so funny, I could hardly stand it. We laughed our heads off, and it felt good to be a bit silly.

Sometimes we think that historic figures were always serious and reserve, but not my dear friend Mozart. He loved a good laugh, some mischief and some baudy humor. It's nice to know that these people were REAL. That they liked a good time, a chance to let go, kick back. Mozart certainly enjoyed silliness. He played with words, which is common with highly-intelligent people. It becomes an outlet.

See below his November letter to his favorite cousin Maria Anna. She was a recipient of some of his flirtatious, racous humor. And, don't forget to enjoy a good laugh now and again.

Manheim, November 5, 1777
Dearest cozz buzz!
I'm asking you, why not? - I'm asking you, dearest numbskull, why not? - if you are writing anyway to Madame Tavernier in Munich, please include regards from me to the Mademoiselles Freysinger, why not? - Curious! Why not? - and to the Younger, I mean Frauline Josepha, tell her I'll send my sincere apologies, why not? - why should I not apologize? - Curious! - I don't know why not? - I want to apologize that I have not yet sent her the sonata that I promised, but I will send it as soon as possible, why not? - what - why not? - why shouldn't I send it? - why should I not transmit it? - why not? Curious! I wouldn't know why not? - well, then you'll do me this favor; - why not? Why shouldn't you do it for me? Why not, it's so strange! After all, I'll do it for you, too, if you want me to, why not? - why shouldn't I do it for you? - curious! Why not? - I wouldn't know why not?
And now I must close and that makes me morose....Now farewell, I kiss you 10000 times and I remain as always your
Old young Sauschwanz,
Wolfgang Amadé Rosenkranz             

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