Thursday, April 2, 2015

An Easter Tradition

With Easter just upon us, I looked into 18th Century traditions, and found the following:

The "Easter Bunny", or Osterhase, is a product of 18th Century Germany, one of the ages greatest pleasures for the children. Children would decorate brightly colored nests in quiet areas of the house. The Oster Hase would lay eggs in it for them, if they were good! Eventually the nest became a basket, and has been used ever since, not really for eggs, but for candy and small Spring-themed gifts.

My favorite tradition is the baking of the Hot Cross Buns. Since medieval times, marking bread with a cross was a common thing to do, warding off evil spirits that could affect the bread, making it not rise, or go moldy. A round bun was formed, and the cross divided it into 4 lunar quarters. These were known as Good Friday or Cross buns, but the first written reference to "Hot Cross Buns" came in 1733.  

These buns are sweet and spiced, and include currants or raisins, and traditionally eaten in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, South Africa, India and Canada. The sun never sets on the Hot Cross Bun!

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