Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tablescape Time

One of my favorite blogs, recently posted an interesting blog about "Tablescapes". Dressed in Time's recent 'scape is just beautiful, with its antique serving pieces, Herend china, Waterford crystal, set for two. Who wouldn't want to sit at that table?!Whoever is her table companion is lucky, indeed! Check it out!

I decided to give it a go, and submit a couple of tablescapes for your enjoyment, and comment. Tell me what you think.
The first is a "commemorative" from last Summer. I generally take my meals out on my little balcony once the weather breaks, the cold goes away, and there are lovely, balmy evenings. In order to decorate my balcony for the season, I bought some flowers as well as a tomato plant, which yielded, in all its splendor, one perfect tomato! I felt the need to commemorate the event, and so I planned a special meal, and got out all my best china and crystal to celebrate!
For reference sake, the china is Limoge Bernadaud, the crystal waterford "Lismore", and the Silverware, Gorham "La Scala".
I served pan-fried salmon with salt, pepper and dill on a bed of arugula with olive ol and lemon. The tomato was sliced and put wtih buffalo mozzarella, fresh oregano, salt and pepper.

Needless to say, the tomato was absolutely delicious!

My next tablescape is an homage to one of my very favorite movies: Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.

I love the story, and the two principle characters, and as I have seen the movie myriads of times now, I can concentrate on the set design, costumes (uniforms), the musical selections, in other words, the details! (By the way, the books are excellent, too - a series of 20 of them, each better than the next).

And so, I decided to recreate a bit of Captain Aubrey's evening snack, which might include some strong coffee in a delicate English porcelain cup, a decanter of fine wine, some hard English cheese, some hard tack, and some lemons and oranges as an antiscorbutic! Some sheet music, Stephen's cello, a sextant, and a map might be present at this table. I would have included "Lucky Jack's" violin, but I do not own one.  Voila! There you have it! I'm sure Jack would approve, and be happy to jump right into to the meal as well as some musical fare! As he often say, "There's not a moment to lose!"


  1. Beautiful! Love it. I see the hard tack too!

  2. Marina,
    This is lovely! To participate in TT just stop by the blog and link up. You'll see the link up party at the end of the post. Also, if you need any info about how to link up, just click on the category "parties" at the top of the BNOTP and it has lots of good info. Also, I was trying to moderate your comment to publish it and I clicked delete instead of publish with this unpredictable laser mouse I use. :( Now I can't find the comment in blogger to publish it. It vanished. So sorry about that. Hope you'll come join the party. The folks who participate in Tablescape Thursday are sooo'll love them and they will love you! :)